Assisted Taxi Scheme

Ring & Go – HL

Howgate, Loanstone and Maybank to/from Penicuik
Conditions of Scheme [updated Tuesday 1 March 2016]

Taxi/Private Hire Car journeys will be provided between the Howgate, Loanstone and Maybank areas, and the following points in Penicuik:-
• Lidl
• Penicuik Medical Centre
• Beeslack High School
• The Penicuik Centre [Library-Leisure Centre-Penicuik High School]


All passengers wishing to use this service must be registered with Midlothian Council and have been issued a Ring & Go photo ID card with a user number. All user numbers for this Howgate scheme commence “HL”. This Ring & Go number must be quoted when the journey is booked by phone with the operator. Passengers are advised that they do not have exclusive rights to travel alone in the vehicle and they may be required to share if other bookings arise in the same time period. Visitors may also use this service as long as they are accompanied on the journey by a registered passenger.

Operation of Service

The journeys will run as flexibly as possible. All journeys must be pre-booked with Penicuik Private Hire on telephone number 01968 679600. Standard bookings will be accepted at any time up to one hour before the proposed trip.

You can ring with a short notice travel request less than an hour before you need to travel but the operator will only accept your short notice booking if it fits in around existing bookings. If the operator is already too busy with other bookings, then requests for short notice Ring & Go bookings will be turned down.

Persons travelling can be picked up or set down as required in the rural area and can travel to/from the specified areas within Penicuik. The service is available from 0700 to 2300, seven days a week [including Sunday]. A journey that has started before 2300 will continue until it is finished. There is no service on 1, 2 January or 25, 26 December.

Across the day, no more than 20 roundtrip journeys will be operated. If no one uses the 0900-1000 journey, for example, there can be two journeys between 1000-1100, etc. No more than two roundtrip journeys an hour should be operated, with users advised to share facilities rather than accepting a third roundtrip journey.

Fares and Receipts

All passengers aged 5 or over are charged £1.50 for each single journey. Infants and children up to and including 4 years old travel free.

There are no other discounts or concessions. The Scotland-wide free bus pass entitlement card is not valid on this Ring & Go service.

The driver will ask to see your Ring & Go card and needs to note your user number in the receipt book. You will receive the top copy of the receipt [the other copies go to the Council and the operator].

The single fare on Ring & Go is equivalent to the adult single bus fare from Penicuik to Bilston on Lothian Buses. This is a similar distance to the Ring & Go journey from Penicuik to Howgate. Any rise in the bus fare will be reflected in the Ring & Go fare from the same date. Lothian Buses last increased their adult single fares on Sunday 24 March 2013.

How Do I Apply?

Application forms can be obtained from any Midlothian library, main council offices, Rosewell Development Trust, health centres at Pathhead and Penicuik, and the Midlothian Community Hospital. Or, you can contact the Travel Team in Bonnyrigg and ask for application forms to be sent to you – call 0131 561 5443. Or e-mail your request for application forms to [email protected] with “Ring & Go” in the message title.

Completed application forms should be sent to:

Ring & Go, Midlothian Council
Travel Team,Midlothian House,
Buccleuch Street,
EH22 1DN

Each applicant should enclose one colour passport-style photograph signed on the back by the applicant. There is no charge for the issue of a Ring & Go card.

Lost or Stolen or Damaged Cards

We need a written note to explain how the card came to be lost, stolen or damaged [e.g. a card left in clothes that have been through a washing machine will be illegible and will need replacement]. A damaged card should be returned with your written statement. One recent colour passport-style photograph will be required to allow a replacement card to be issued. There is no charge for issuing a replacement Ring & Go card.

If you have any queries, or require further information on the scheme please do not hesitate to contact Karl Vanters on
0131 561 5443.
Issue 4 Ring & Go HL 160301